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Boat rental in Corsica & Sardinia

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Take in the wonders of these two alluring islands on your yachting vacation - Corsica and Sardinia will leave you spellbound with their golden beaches, tucked in islands, mountain cliffs, and turquoise sea. A blend of different cultures so close together yet so distinctive in their own right will leave you wanting more.

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2007 | Southern Wind S. | 30 m
46.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
2627_22605SNS161-00.jpg 2628_img_0667SNS161-01.jpg 2629_jacuzzi1SNS161-02.jpg 2630_saloondeckdining4SNS161-03.jpg 2631_saloondeckdining5SNS161-04.jpg 2632_aftdeck1SNS161-05.jpg 2633_aftportsuite1SNS161-06.jpg 2634_aftstbsuite1SNS161-07.jpg 2635_aftstbsuite3SNS161-08.jpg 2636_bell1SNS161-09.jpg 2637_bridge5SNS161-10.jpg 2638_curvelle_quaranta_aftdeckSNS161-11.jpg 2639_curvelle_quaranta_saloondiningdeckSNS161-12.jpg 2640_curvelle_quaranta_stern_platformSNS161-13.jpg 2641_fwdmastersuiteport2SNS161-14.jpg 2642_fwdstbsuite1SNS161-15.jpg 2643_galleySNS161-16.jpg 2644_profile11SNS161-17.jpg 2645_profile33SNS161-18.jpg 2646_saloondeckdetail2SNS161-19.jpg 2647_saloondeckdining1SNS161-20.jpg 2648_saloondecklounge2SNS161-21.jpg 2649_sundeck1SNS161-22.jpg 2650_sundeck7SNS161-23.jpg
2013 | Curvelle | 34 m
109.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
2717_tankoa-501-233SNS165-00.jpg 2694_breakfast-tableSNS165-01.jpg 2695_ee3a4626rtSNS165-02.jpg 2696_ee3a4686rtSNS165-03.jpg 2697_ee3a4722rtSNS165-04.jpg 2698_ee3a4734rtSNS165-05.jpg 2699_ee3a4746rtSNS165-06.jpg 2700_ee3a4761rtSNS165-07.jpg 2701_ee3a4793rtSNS165-08.jpg 2712_ee3a8508rtSNS165-09.jpg 2702_ee3a5003rtSNS165-10.jpg 2703_ee3a5009rtSNS165-11.jpg 2704_ee3a5881rtSNS165-12.jpg 2711_ee3a8482rtSNS165-13.jpg 2705_ee3a6617rtSNS165-14.jpg 2706_ee3a6659rtSNS165-15.jpg 2707_ee3a6824rtSNS165-16.jpg 2708_ee3a8261rtSNS165-17.jpg 2709_ee3a8297rtSNS165-18.jpg 2710_ee3a8398rtSNS165-19.jpg 2713_ee3a8557rtSNS165-20.jpg 2714_ee3a8810rtSNS165-21.jpg 2715_tankoa-501-112SNS165-22.jpg 2716_tankoa-501-220SNS165-23.jpg 2718_tankoa-501-380SNS165-24.jpg 2719_vertige--gym-areaSNS165-25.jpg
2017 | Tankoa | 50 m
250.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
4154_millesime-temporary-photo-8SNS228-00.jpg 4148_millesime-3d-photo-1SNS228-01.jpg 4151_millesime-3d-photo-4SNS228-02.jpg 4149_millesime-3d-photo-2SNS228-03.jpg 4150_millesime-3d-photo-3SNS228-04.jpg 4152_millesime-3d-photo-5SNS228-05.jpg 4153_millesime-3d-photoSNS228-06.jpg
2020 | Couach | 37 m
100.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
4687_catamaran-che-11SNS242-00.jpg 4685_catamaran-che-1SNS242-01.jpg 4692_catamaran-che-5SNS242-02.jpg 4696_catamaran-che-9SNS242-03.jpg 4694_catamaran-che-7SNS242-04.jpg 4693_catamaran-che-6SNS242-05.jpg 4690_catamaran-che-3SNS242-06.jpg 4695_catamaran-che-8SNS242-07.jpg 4686_catamaran-che-10SNS242-08.jpg 4688_catamaran-che-12SNS242-09.jpg 4691_catamaran-che-4SNS242-10.jpg 4689_catamaran-che-2SNS242-11.jpg
2010 | Sunreef | 35 m
75.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
5847_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-3SNS284-00.jpg 5836_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-2SNS284-01.jpg 5828_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-12SNS284-02.jpg 5827_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-11SNS284-03.jpg 5826_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-10SNS284-04.jpg 5830_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-14SNS284-05.jpg 5829_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-13SNS284-06.jpg 5839_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-22SNS284-07.jpg 5833_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-17SNS284-08.jpg 5832_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-16SNS284-09.jpg 5825_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-1SNS284-10.jpg 5834_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-18SNS284-11.jpg 5851_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-7SNS284-12.jpg 5848_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-4SNS284-13.jpg 5840_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-23SNS284-14.jpg 5845_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-28SNS284-15.jpg 5835_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-19SNS284-16.jpg 5849_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-5SNS284-17.jpg 5850_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-6SNS284-18.jpg 5838_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-21SNS284-19.jpg 5842_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-25SNS284-20.jpg 5844_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-27SNS284-21.jpg 5831_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-15SNS284-22.jpg 5846_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-29SNS284-23.jpg 5841_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-24SNS284-24.jpg 5852_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-8SNS284-25.jpg 5843_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-26SNS284-26.jpg 5853_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-9SNS284-27.jpg 5837_motor-yacht-penelope-for-charter-20SNS284-28.jpg
2020 | Ferretti | 33 m
110.000 Euro
Price from (per week)

In Corsica, you'll enjoy a unique mix of wilderness and unspoiled nature, picturesque islands, and diverse landscapes.

Sardinia with its pristine sea waters and ravishing 2,000 km long coastline is arguably one of the most glamorous yachting destinations. With so much to see in both places, it's easy to miss out on hidden gems, which is why it's so important to make a good itinerary.


The striking combination of mystery, opulence, and the wilderness, Corsica stands to be one of the most memorable destinations of the Mediterranian. Offering a mix of volcanic terrain and azure indescribable, yachting in Corsica is an unforgettable experience consisting of indescribably beautiful secluded beaches, natural reserves, vineyards, and a lingering fragrance of local cuisine.

A rare mix of enchanting beaches, snowy mountain tops, and secluded bays, it's a must-see destination for any yachting aficionado. The inhabitants are proud of their Corse culture, so try not to call them French.

With a variety of charismatic marinas and chic restaurants to choose from, the most difficult part of your Corsican experience is likely to be - leaving.

While there are six ports on this beautiful French island, we recommend Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio.


The starting point of your trip is likely to be the lovely town of Bastia, where you can enjoy a wide range of restaurants and bars surrounding the famous Vieux Port.

Known as the city of art and history, the second largest city of Corsica is home to some of the most extraordinary baroque churches like the Cathedrale Sainte-Marie de Bastia located in the old part called Terra Vecchia.

Beautifully situated on Corsica's east coast, you'll enjoy a view of the Tuscan archipelago glimmering from afar. Unspoiled by excess tourism, Bastia is home to some of the most stunning driftwood beaches where you can relish in a serene day of sea, sand, and sun.


While you're staying in this vibrant Corsican harbor town, don't miss out on the chance to visit the beautiful medieval citadel dating to the XII century. The old town is the picturesque sight of narrow streets, shops, and cafes.

Dine-in one of Bonifacio's restaurants offering mouth-watering Corse cuisine. We recommend L'an Faim, a Michelin star restaurant where you can enjoy gourmet meals while overviewing the harbor.

By the way, if you enjoy golfing, don't miss out on Sperone Golf Course. While playing on this breathtaking 18-hole golf course, you can enjoy the view of the beautiful turquoise sea - just after the 13th hole, you can relax a little on Petit Spérone Beach.

One of the things not to miss out on is visiting the incredible "grottes et falaises" - cliffs and caves that are unique to the coastline of Bonifacio. Most are accessible by boat, while others require you to use a kayak or jet ski - like the L'Orca grotto.

Make sure to see the Sdragonato (little Dragon) grotto, one of Bonifacio's most famous attractions.

Explore the "Hat of Napoleon" otherwise known as Saint-Antoine grotto while enjoying your day on the sea, located just at the entrance of the narrow next to the Rudder of Corsica.

If you're in the mood for a slightly more relaxing activity, take a trip to the Lavezzi archipelago - but make sure you have a seasoned captain or skipper since this is one of the most challenging locations for navigating on the Mediterranean coast. The beautiful collection of 23 small granite islands are certainly going to take your breath away - swim and enjoy the incredible infinite blue.

Saint Florent

Previously known as a fishing village, Saint Florent is now the Corse version of Saint Tropez. The beautiful island is dominated by the contrast of the stunning Genoese fortress, Maquis hills, and white sandy beaches - the most famous being Saleccia, perhaps the most splendid beach of the Mediterranean coast.

Interested to try what many call the best lobster of Corsica? Head on to the port of Centuri and immerse yourself in a gourmet experience. If that's too long of a trip to make, you can still have some incredible langouste - we recommend Auberge du pêcheur, a hidden gem of a restaurant, amongst many that St Florent has to offer.

Some of the best wines come from this sun-soaked area - head on to Patrimonio vineyards to pair your yachting vacation with some pale rose. Make sure to get a few spare bottles to enjoy while sailing.


Packed some exquisite wine to enjoy on the deck of your yacht? Good. Let's head on to Sardinia. Adorned with alluring beaches and five-star resorts, Sardinia is Italy's second-largest island spanning over 2,000 km of limpid coastline. One of the most alluring summer destinations, Sardinia is sure to dazzle you with its splendor.

Porto Cervo

Explore the bountiful yachting facilities in this elegant harbor, a stunning mix of traditional Sardinia, and the grandeur of modern lifestyle. Rising seamlessly in the prestigious 35-mile long coast of Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo was transformed from a simple fishing village to a decadent mirage-like hub of the rich and famous by the Aga Khan.

Loro Piana's superyacht regatta is held every June, after the contestant's party at the famous Phi Beach, an opulent must-see location.

The pristine waters and dramatic coastline, the endless Gatsbyesque parties, the unique dining experience are all reasons any sailing aficionado must experience the beauty of Porto Cervo.

If you get a little carried away and need a relaxing day, we recommend you spend a day at Petra Segreta, a 5-star resort and spa secluded in the beautiful hills that will bring peace and serenity after a crazy Sardinian night.

Don't miss out on the grilled langouste pasta at La Taverna Palau - some say it's the best dining experience in the world!

Porto Rotondo

Situated between the Gulf of Cugnana and Marinella, Porto Rotondo is an oasis with a marina to accommodate up to 600 boats of any dimension. Cast your anchor here to enjoy Porto Rotondo's view of the turquoise sea and rocky cliffs.

While on land, visit the Church of San Lorenzo, famous for its similarity to an overturned hull, and the Granite Amphitheatre.

Hide from the mistral in the Bay of Marinella, where you can explore sandy beaches or immerse yourself in a fine dining experience.


A stunning coastal town best known for its medieval San Simplicio basilica and cafes spawned across central squares like Piazza Matteotti, Olbia's name actually means "happy town" - and rightfully so. Check out the Museo Archeologico di Olbia hosting exhibits ranging from Nuragic artifacts to Roman warships.

Enjoy a romantic dinner at L'Essenza Bistrot, a Michelin adorned restaurant located in the historic center.

Some beautiful beaches to see while in Sardinia, only accessible by yacht, are Cala Isola dei Porri and Cala Granara, Spiaggia di Cuccureddu, Golfo della Mezzaluna and Cala Mariolu.

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