AMADA MIA, Catamaran

Year 2021, Lagoon

20,55 m
10,00 m
1,55 m
Cruising 8 knots / Max 11 knots
4 double cabins
High season
35.400 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
27.500 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 8 + PAX night 8
We accept charges from
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Amada Mia 21 meter Catamaran for charter with 4 cabins for 8 guests

Amada Mia, a stunning Lagoon catamaran that made a huge splash on the charter market upon its 2021 debut, presents all the latest trends and innovations in naval architecture, making her an ideal option for charter guests that always like to stay one step ahead. With just under 21 meters of length and a huge beam of 10 meters, Amada Mia serves as a floating palace where you are guaranteed to spend unforgettable summer days in style. 
Be among the first guests to have the privilege to cruise the waves on what is expected to become one of the most coveted multi-hulls in the Adriatic. 
For the best panoramic views, head to the chic flybridge where you can enjoy delicious meals artfully prepared by the talented onboard chef. With plenty of lounging space and furniture, the top deck has an environment that surpasses those of some of the trendiest port-town restaurants. 
The trampoline forward is the place to practice the art of dolce far niente as Amada Mia smoothly cuts into waves, while the aft deck boasts a shaded alfresco dining area for moments of intense heat. Cool off by taking a dip from the huge swimming platform that serves as a perfect starting point for water sports - the list of water toys is almost endless, ensuring lots of fun for guests regardless of age. 
To enjoy some family bonding time, move the party to the hip salon of Amada Mia, where sleek lines and fashionable design create a contemporary look that makes this brand new Lagoon 65 one of the best-looking catamarans ever made. The master suite is spacious and welcomes the turquoise views as added decor, but the best feature is certainly private outdoor deck access, so that you can greet the sun as soon as you open your eyes. Each of the 4 suites follows a similar aesthetic recipe, ensuring restful nights at anchor for 8 guests. 
A local crew of 3 highly-skilled and devoted members knows about every hidden cove and jewel of the Adriatic coast and they will make sure you get the full-local experience during your yacht charter holiday on this ultra luxurious catamaran. 

Water Toys 

  • Tender Ocean Master deluxe OM460 60HP outboard engine
  • 2 sea bobs F5
  • Water ski
  • 2 Paddleboards
  • Water tube
  • Wakeboard
  • 2 electric scooters
  • Snorkeling gear

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