FAST & FURIOUS, Motor Yacht

Year 2016, AB Yachts

44,60 m
8,30 m
1,30 m
Cruising 32 knots / Max 42 knots
4 double cabins, 1 twin cabin
High season
220.000 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
189.000 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 12 + PAX night 10
We accept charges from
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Fast & Furious 45 meter motor yacht for charter with 5 cabins

If you wish to explore every secret jewel and hidden cove on your next bespoke yacht charter vacation, Fast & Furious is the perfect choice for you. She cuts smoothly into waves with a thrilling top speed of 42 knots - thanks to state of the art stabilisers both at anchor and underway, you will enjoy the utmost comfort when island hopping. 
Her shallow draft of just 1.3m allows you to access any hidden beach inaccessible to many other superyachts of this size - with her impressive length of almost 45 metres, Fast & Furious is the largest of the AB yachts' sport range. 
To ensure the highest standard of marine living, accommodation includes 5 ravishing cabins that can carry up to 10 guests for an overnight stay. High-end furnishings, designer lighting and generous use of natural wood create a palatial, yet palatial feel in the chic master suite, which flaunts a cutting edge entertainment system, lounge zone and a swish ensuite with his and hers sinks. 
In the morning, you can meet your entourage in the zen-inducing salon, beautifully illuminated by natural light, and with an abundance of space for socialising. 
When you slide the door, you will find the modern aft deck area where you can enjoy breakfast before hopping onto your 12m Seawater Smeralda chase boat or hopping into the sea for a quick swim. The cushioned solarium fitted to the stern allows quick access to the sea. 
For the best panoramic views while cruising on Fast & Furious, head to the spacious sun deck that has an exceptional versatility of use, great for hosting ritzy soirees in glittery bays. Whether you want to soak in the warm sun, enjoy a mouth-watering dinner or move all the furniture to dance in the starry skies, the sundeck is the place to go. 
The foredeck boasts a massive sunbathing area where you can let your hair down while the captain drives you to your next glittery sea destination - an optional lounging zone can be added by the bow if you feel like marvelling at the endless blue horizons. 
To ensure each minute onboard is spent relaxing, Fast & Furious has a stellar crew of 7 members with immense experience. 

Water Toys 

  • 12m Seawater Smeralda chase boat (additional cost of EUR 10,000 per week)
  • Williams Tender 
  • 4 x IAqua Seadart Pro
  • 1x Jetski Seadoo
  • 2x Seawing II
  • 2x Stand up paddle board
  • 1x Wakeboard
  • 1x Towable Jobe Binar (2 people)
  • 10x Duke Masks
  • 8x Fins

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