MATA MUA, Sailing Yacht

Year 1993 (Refit 2017), Scheepswerf Friesland

38,50 m
8,09 m
3,75 m
Cruising 10 knots / Max 10 knots
3 double cabins, 1 twin cabin
High season
75.000 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
68.000 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 12 + PAX night 9
We accept charges from
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Mata Mua 39 meter sailing yacht for charter with 4 cabins for 9 guests

Gleaming like a white pearl in the turquoise waters, this gorgeous 38.5 m superyacht is the work of Scheepswerf Friesland shipyards and enthralls visitors with its elevated aesthetics. Mata Mua’s outstanding exterior and engineering was done by Diana Yacht Design, while the impressive interior design was executed by Lemmer.
The ample outdoor living areas, ideal for unwinding during relaxing cruises, and incredibly chic indoor spaces, will serve as the perfect environment for your next marine hideaway.  
Launched in 1993, she went through a complete refit in 2017 to offer guests a supreme standard of living. Mata Mua is capable of accomodating 9 guests in 4 mesmerizingly styled staterooms. Her glossy, white cabins are accentuated by numerous colorful art pieces and feature retro porthole windows that add a certain “je ne sais qui” to the overall atmosphere. 
Her spacious master suite features an eclectic mix of pieces, with a striped accent wall next to the fairytale-like lounge area and work desk. A slightly more simplified look is seen at her artful VIP cabin, where a small office area and unique glass sculptures make for a more minimal Alice In Wonderland aesthetics. One double and a twin showcase intriguing stripes and palettes, and all are equipped with equally stunning en suite facilities. 
Mata Mua's spacious salon flaunts creative use of details that spice up the overall porcelain hues and serves as a wonderful area for entertaining. A turquoise bar dominates the salon, and is ideal for an evening cocktail and chatter, while more lounging areas and a dining table are discreetly separated to offer more room. Details evocative of Paul Gauguin’s work add flavor to the voluminous interior of this superior motor sailor. 
Her gracious aft deck boasts ample seating and lounging areas, while near the cockpit, two beautiful sofas are mercifully shaded from the intense heat by Mata Mua’s gracious sails. 
An array of water sports is provided for guests to engage in some aquatic recreation, as well as various high-end amenities. 6 expert crew members will ensure guests are pampered throughout their relaxing cruise through the glittery seas on board sailing yacht Mata Mua

Water Toys

  • 2 x Narania Jet Tenders 115hp 
  • Water Ski
  • Wakeboard
  • Donut 
  • 2 x SUP ( inflatble )
  • 2 x Kayak 
  • Dive Equipment
  • Snorkel Equipment
  • 2 x retractable bikes

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