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A destination rising in popularity amongst yachting enthusiasts, Croatia will leave you breathless with a mix of opulence and rugged beauty, astonishing crystal clear waters, a myriad of islands to explore, and restaurants offering their daily catch of fish.

2188_1-lady-gita-1SNS144-00.jpg 2189_1-lady-gita-10SNS144-01.jpg 2190_1-lady-gita-12SNS144-02.jpg 2191_1-lady-gita-34SNS144-03.jpg 2192_2-lg-aft-dining-2SNS144-04.jpg 2193_2-lg-aft-lounge-1SNS144-05.jpg 2194_2-lg-aft-lounge-2SNS144-06.jpg 2195_3-lg-salon-1SNS144-07.jpg 2196_3-lg-salon-5SNS144-08.jpg 2197_lg-aft-master-cabin-3SNS144-09.jpg 2198_lg-aft-master-cabin-4SNS144-10.jpg 2199_lg-aft-master-cabin-bathroomSNS144-11.jpg 2200_lg-bow-master-cabin-no-1-1SNS144-12.jpg 2201_lg-bow-master-cabin-no-1-2SNS144-13.jpg 2202_lg-bow-master-cabin-no-1-3SNS144-14.jpg 2203_lg-cabin-no-2345-bathroomSNS144-15.jpg 2204_lg-convertible-bed-cabin-no-4-and-5-1SNS144-16.jpg 2205_lg-convertible-bed-cabin-no-4-and-5-2SNS144-17.jpg 2206_lg-convertible-bed-cabin-no-4-and-5SNS144-18.jpg 2207_lg-double-bed-cabin-no-2-and-3-1SNS144-19.jpg 2208_lg-double-bed-cabin-no-2-and-3SNS144-20.jpg 2209_lg-main-deck-bow-area-2SNS144-21.jpg 2210_lg-main-deck-bow-area-6SNS144-22.jpg 2211_lg-platform-10SNS144-23.jpg 2212_lg-platform-3SNS144-24.jpg 2213_lg-sun-deck-1SNS144-25.jpg 2214_lg-sun-deck-2SNS144-26.jpg 2215_lg-sun-deck-5SNS144-27.jpg 2216_lg-sun-deck-6SNS144-28.jpg 2217_lg-sun-deck-jacuzi-2SNS144-29.jpg
2019 | Odisej d.o.o | 49 m
70.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
3042_img_7807SNS180-00.jpg 3031_dar09116-hdrSNS180-01.jpg 3033_dar09201-hdrSNS180-02.jpg 3027_dar08855-hdrSNS180-03.jpg 3028_dar08984-hdrSNS180-04.jpg 3029_dar09039-hdrSNS180-05.jpg 3030_dar09062-hdrSNS180-06.jpg 3032_dar09159-hdrSNS180-07.jpg 3034_dar09222-hdrSNS180-08.jpg 3035_dar09234-hdrSNS180-09.jpg 3036_dar09245-hdrSNS180-10.jpg 3037_dar09246-hdrSNS180-11.jpg 3038_dar09257SNS180-12.jpg 3039_dar09282SNS180-13.jpg 3043_img_8863SNS180-14.jpg 3044_img_8869-2SNS180-15.jpg 3045_img_9101SNS180-16.jpg 3046_img_9107SNS180-17.jpg 3047_img_9110SNS180-18.jpg 3048_img_9122SNS180-19.jpg 3040_img_7757SNS180-20.jpg 3041_img_7772SNS180-21.jpg
2020 | Sanlorenzo | 31 m
105.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
3054_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-002SNS181-00.jpg 3061_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-011SNS181-01.jpg 3066_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-018SNS181-02.jpg 3057_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-0070x854SNS181-03.jpg 3058_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-0080x854SNS181-04.jpg 3059_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-0090x854SNS181-05.jpg 3060_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-010SNS181-06.jpg 3062_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-0120x854SNS181-07.jpg 3063_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-0140x854SNS181-08.jpg 3064_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-0160x854SNS181-09.jpg 3065_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-017SNS181-10.jpg 3067_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-0190x854SNS181-11.jpg 3068_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-0220x854SNS181-12.jpg 3069_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-0240x854SNS181-13.jpg 3070_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-0250x854SNS181-14.jpg 3071_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-027SNS181-15.jpg 3072_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-028SNS181-16.jpg 3073_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-029SNS181-17.jpg 3075_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-031SNS181-18.jpg 3076_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-032SNS181-19.jpg 3074_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-030SNS181-20.jpg 3055_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-0030x854SNS181-21.jpg 3056_contact-yachts-ottawa-iv-0050x854SNS181-22.jpg
2016 | I-SEA Yachts | 39 m
88.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
2524_navilux_1SNS157-00.jpg 2525_navilux_10SNS157-01.jpg 2526_navilux_11SNS157-02.jpg 2527_navilux_12SNS157-03.jpg 2528_navilux_13SNS157-04.jpg 2529_navilux_14SNS157-05.jpg 2530_navilux_15SNS157-06.jpg 2531_navilux_16SNS157-07.jpg 2532_navilux_17SNS157-08.jpg 2533_navilux_18SNS157-09.jpg 2534_navilux_19SNS157-10.jpg 2535_navilux_2SNS157-11.jpg 2536_navilux_20SNS157-12.jpg 2537_navilux_21SNS157-13.jpg 2538_navilux_22SNS157-14.jpg 2539_navilux_24SNS157-15.jpg 2540_navilux_3SNS157-16.jpg 2541_navilux_4SNS157-17.jpg 2542_navilux_6SNS157-18.jpg 2543_navilux_7SNS157-19.jpg 2544_navilux_8SNS157-20.jpg 2545_navilux_9SNS157-21.jpg 2547_sun-deck-shadeSNS157-22.jpg
2012 | Custom | 37 m
46.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
8857_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-11SNS394-00.jpg 8859_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-13SNS394-01.jpg 8872_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-25SNS394-02.jpg 8870_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-23SNS394-03.jpg 8873_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-26SNS394-04.jpg 8871_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-24SNS394-05.jpg 8867_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-20SNS394-06.jpg 8874_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-27SNS394-07.jpg 8876_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-29SNS394-08.jpg 8878_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-30SNS394-09.jpg 8875_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-28SNS394-10.jpg 8860_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-14SNS394-11.jpg 8861_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-15SNS394-12.jpg 8863_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-17SNS394-13.jpg 8862_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-16SNS394-14.jpg 8864_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-18SNS394-15.jpg 8865_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-19SNS394-16.jpg 8880_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-5SNS394-17.jpg 8879_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-4SNS394-18.jpg 8883_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-8SNS394-19.jpg 8884_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-9SNS394-20.jpg 8855_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-1SNS394-21.jpg 8868_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-21SNS394-22.jpg 8881_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-6SNS394-23.jpg 8877_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-3SNS394-24.jpg 8869_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-22SNS394-25.jpg 8882_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-7SNS394-26.jpg 8866_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-2SNS394-27.jpg 8856_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-10SNS394-28.jpg 8858_motor-yacht-o-mathilde-for-charter-in-greece-12SNS394-29.jpg
2018 | Golden Yachts | 56 m
240.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
3923_upt2_15099lSNS220-00.jpg 3921_2SNS220-01.jpg 3930_upt2_15387lSNS220-02.jpg 3933_upt2_15450lSNS220-03.jpg 3946_upt2_15801l-1SNS220-04.jpg 3947_upt2_15834lSNS220-05.jpg 3945_upt2_15790lSNS220-06.jpg 3948_upt2_15865lSNS220-07.jpg 3922_3SNS220-08.jpg 3949_double-cabinSNS220-09.jpg 3926_upt2_15292lSNS220-10.jpg 3927_upt2_15294lSNS220-11.jpg 3938_upt2_15532lSNS220-12.jpg 3936_upt2_15488lSNS220-13.jpg 3937_upt2_15511lSNS220-14.jpg 3928_upt2_15296lSNS220-15.jpg 3939_upt2_15556lSNS220-16.jpg 3929_upt2_15307lSNS220-17.jpg 3931_upt2_15390lSNS220-18.jpg 3932_upt2_15405lSNS220-19.jpg 3934_upt2_15461lSNS220-20.jpg 3935_upt2_15473lSNS220-21.jpg 3940_upt2_15559lSNS220-22.jpg 3941_upt2_15563lSNS220-23.jpg 3925_upt2_15262lSNS220-24.jpg 3942_upt2_15577lSNS220-25.jpg 3943_upt2_15608lSNS220-26.jpg 3920_1SNS220-27.jpg 3924_upt2_15146lSNS220-28.jpg 3944_upt2_15750lSNS220-29.jpg
2014 | Lagoon | 17 m
16.000 Euro
Price from (per week)

While there are many places that offer the luxury usually associated with the south of France, Croatia is still a haven for anyone looking for an experience uncorrupt by mass tourism in lesser-known destinations hidden away in scenic bays.

Boasting 718 islands and even more islets, Croatia offers multitudes of contrasts that will leave you wanting more. With fragrant lavender scent lingering in the air, golden beaches, reefs, and pine forests, this Meditarennan gem offers an abundance of places to explore while sailing, as well as on land.

Medieval towns where time stood still situated on the beautiful Adriatic coast and luxurious, contemporary marinas are truly a unique mix.

Wilderness and opulence fused in one country, this destination also offers a plentitude of anchorages where you can enjoy full privacy while island-hopping.



Usually the first thing most want to see, this UNESCO-protected town is a stunning juxtaposition of glimmering blue seas and historic citadel. One of the most remarkable destinations for its culture that has persevered since the 7th century, Dubrovnik is a wonderful blend of Gothic architecture, Renaissance art and Baroque churches. No wonder it served as a set of the ultra successful Game of Thrones saga!

Often called "The Pearl Of The Adriatic", it offers romantic dining venues where you can enjoy both the cuisine and panoramic view, all walking distance from a lovely small marina in the old town. After enjoying a walk, immerse yourself in wonderful calamari and mussels in Gradska Kavana Arsenal or go clubbing in Culture Club Revelin, where you can listen to some of the best DJs all while surrounded by massive stone walls built in the 16th century.

Alternatively, you can cast your anchor in the Lokrum island just kilometars away from the town to enjoy more privacy and visit the benedictine monastery which was built here in the 13th century. Rest in the pine shaded beaches and doze off in the sun while listening to the songs of exotic birds exclusive to the uninhabited island of Lokrum. If you find yourself in need of some recreation, try paddle boarding or kayaking in the azure, pristine waters that surround this island.


To continue with our island-hopping adventure, let's move on to the incredibly stunning island of Korcula. Providing a more private holiday, Korcula will take your breath away with its rich history and aquamarine sea. Surrounded by sandy beaches and clear waters stands the beautiful, stunning Old Town with it's terracotta rooftops and old chappals with just over 3,000 inhabitants proud of their cultural heritage and traditional way of life.

Known as the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo, the stunning island is adorned with churches and palaces dating from the 13th century.

Make sure to taste the local handmade pasta called "macaroni" and pair them with a glass of renown Korcula dry white wine. The stunning vineyards, dreamy olive groves, shady woodlands and calm coves will all be reasons to throw your anchor here longer.


The sunniest island of Croatia attracts yachting connoisseurs who soon become addicted to the unique blend of celebrity-frequented parties, lavender scent and picturesque villages adorned with olive groves.

Start your night by sipping cocktails at Hula Hula bar's sunset party and head on to Pink Champagne or Carpe Diem for some star-studded clubbining.

A splendid sailing destination, Hvar allows easy access to small, secluded islands and harbors of the Adriatic coastline, like Pakleni archipelago where you can catch a tan and explore pristine waters, hidden beaches and deserted lagoons, just don't forget to book a buoy a day or two in advance. If you want to try what many call the best creme schnitte of the region, go to the nearby restaurant Antonio Patak that will enchant you with it's private location and friendly staff.


Warmly embraced by incredibly clean sea stands the gorgeous island of Vis, an unskippable destination for any yachting connoisseur. A fifth of the island's land is covered by vineyards where autochthonous wine is produced - don't forget to buy a few bottles of Plavac Mali wine or Vugava, if you prefer white. Even the most seasoned sommelier will be enchanted with the taste of these wines only found in this region. Vis is the farthest inhabited isle of Croatia, for which reason it offers probably the cleanest sea water of the Adriatic.

The natural beauty of this captivating island doesn't insinuate the tumulus historic events that took place here since 3000 B.C. - segments of the ancient city walls still remain, along with a thermae and Levaman Fortress, where you can find the Archaeological Museum.

A paradise island stranded in the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic, Vis is a paradise for yachtsmen exploring Croatia. While it doesn't have it's own marina, you can find many moorings near the port.

Explore the nearby island of Bisevo to see the incredible Blue Grotto, with entrances both below and above the sea level. This waterlogged sea cave is only accessible by boat and is most famous for an almost haunted feel the blue light appearing a few times a day provides.


The largest island of Dalmatia offers a rich fusion of natural beauty, cultural heritage dating to prehistoric times, gourmet cuisine and friendly locals. Featuring dolomite and karst limestone reliefs, the landscapes of this stunning island are known for the plentiful gullies, crevices, round valleys and coves. The largest town on Brac is Supetar, where you can visit the parish church of Mary of the Annunciation and the nearby Leroj Bell tower.

Enjoy the toasty beaches of the wonderful small town Bol - the splendid beach of Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) really is the closest to heaven on Earth, with 10 km of sand and aquamarine blue shores locked by pine groves to enjoy some leisure time.

If you get hungry in the meantime, visit BioMania restaurant with a variety of vegan and gluten free options available for the health-conscious crowd.

Due to a predictable afternoon maestral wind, Bol is a safe haven for windsurfing, but beware of the strong currents when swimming. If you still find some energy to party, head on to 585 club. Protected by the quiet of the woods, some of the most decadent parties of the region are held in this club just minutes away from Zlatni Rat beach.


Located within a wonderfully comfortable sailing distance from Brac, Hvar, Korcula and Vis, this buzzing city will provide you with a buzzing social scene and incredible history.

Walking around after your gelato break, you'll probably stumble into Diocletian's palace, which today comprises about half of the Old Town. Divided in four parts by main walls - Golden, Silver, Brass and Iron walls, to be more precise, it is one of the best preserved monuments of Roman times.

If you feel lured by the seas to sail away into more quiet locations, visit Solta, the small island of figs and honey to immerse yourself in the calm of this little haven that preserved its authenticity from tourist crowds.

Kornati archipelago is another true gem to explore after Split - enjoy offbeat track sailing, incredible waterfalls and virgin nature. These mostly uninhabited islands will serve as the perfect spot for a silent night at anchor and hidden restaurants that serve some of the best food of the Mediterrannean. With more than 380 islands, reefs and islets, Kornati are often described as a "nautical paradise".

A part of the archipelago got a national park status due to it's unparalleled beauty and nature - make sure to explore the stunning coastline and marine life diversity. Relish on delicious seafood at Konoba Soleta to try some of the best fish you'll stumble upon while on your Adriatic vacation.

If you feel tempted to prolong your vacation in Croatia, you won't regret it, as there is so much to explore. The region of Istria provides a more metropolitan feel due to it's Italian influence. If you choose to go there, you'll be amazed with truffle-studded dishes and the roman colosseum located in the picturesque city of Pula.

Check out the national park Brijuni or the city of Rovinj - Croatia really is an experience that will have you wanting more.

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