Yacht charter in the Cyclades

Yacht charter in the Cyclades |

Boat rental in the Cyclades

Yachts available for charter in the Cyclades - Greece

A sailing paradise located South of the Aegean Sea will enchant you with white villages topped with blue roofs matching the azure seas, rich cultural heritage, sophistication, and lush nature.

The picture perfect archipelago is composed of 250 islands, islets, and islets-rocks, just 24 of them inhabited - offering opportunities to enjoy both the finer things in life, as well as wild nature and secluded beaches to have to yourself. Panoramic sunsets, luxurious marinas, refined beach bars, and seductive seas are all part of the beautiful experience sailing the Cyclades provides.

8719_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-8SNS389-00.jpg 8717_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-6SNS389-01.jpg 8720_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-9SNS389-02.jpg 8707_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-11SNS389-03.jpg 8706_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-10SNS389-04.jpg 8708_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-12SNS389-05.jpg 8710_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-14SNS389-06.jpg 8709_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-13SNS389-07.jpg 8711_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-15SNS389-08.jpg 8712_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-16SNS389-09.jpg 8714_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-3SNS389-10.jpg 8715_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-4SNS389-11.jpg 8716_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-5SNS389-12.jpg 8718_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-7SNS389-13.jpg 8705_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-1SNS389-14.jpg 8713_motor-yacht-daloli-for-charter-in-greece-2SNS389-15.jpg
1998 | Heesen | 45 m
120.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
3313_lh0SNS194-00.jpg 3312_geo_0131nSNS194-01.jpg 3311_17-light-holic-exterior-sitting-areaSNS194-02.jpg 3310_161-light-holic-sunbathing-jacuzzi-areaSNS194-03.jpg 3315_lh180802_265_1_6_1_7_1_8_1_balancer2SNS194-04.jpg 3314_lh180802_148_49_50_51_52_fusion-interior2_3SNS194-05.jpg 3316_lh180802_543a4iSNS194-06.jpg 3317_lh180802_614aaSNS194-07.jpg 3318_lh8SNS194-08.jpg
2011 | CRN | 60 m
320.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
4485_motor-yacht-finezza-sunseeker-14SNS233-00.jpg 4480_motor-yacht-finezza-sunseeker-1SNS233-01.jpg 4490_motor-yacht-finezza-sunseeker-6SNS233-02.jpg 4486_motor-yacht-finezza-sunseeker-2SNS233-03.jpg 4487_motor-yacht-finezza-sunseeker-3SNS233-04.jpg 4488_motor-yacht-finezza-sunseeker-4SNS233-05.jpg 4491_motor-yacht-finezza-sunseeker-7SNS233-06.jpg 4492_motor-yacht-finezza-sunseeker-8SNS233-07.jpg 4493_motor-yacht-finezza-sunseeker-9SNS233-08.jpg 4482_motor-yacht-finezza-sunseeker-11SNS233-09.jpg 4481_motor-yacht-finezza-sunseeker-10SNS233-10.jpg 4484_motor-yacht-finezza-sunseeker-13SNS233-11.jpg 4489_motor-yacht-finezza-sunseeker-5SNS233-12.jpg 4483_motor-yacht-finezza-sunseeker-12SNS233-13.jpg
2014 | Sunseeker | 24 m
29.500 Euro
Price from (per week)
5653_gulet-for-charter-blue-heaven-15SNS276-00.jpg 5658_gulet-for-charter-blue-heaven-6SNS276-01.jpg 5655_gulet-for-charter-blue-heaven-3SNS276-02.jpg 5657_gulet-for-charter-blue-heaven-5SNS276-03.jpg 5652_gulet-for-charter-blue-heaven-14SNS276-04.jpg 5659_gulet-for-charter-blue-heaven-7SNS276-05.jpg 5660_gulet-for-charter-blue-heaven-8SNS276-06.jpg 5650_gulet-for-charter-blue-heaven-12SNS276-07.jpg 5649_gulet-for-charter-blue-heaven-10SNS276-08.jpg 5654_gulet-for-charter-blue-heaven-2SNS276-09.jpg 5648_gulet-for-charter-blue-heaven-1SNS276-10.jpg 5661_gulet-for-charter-blue-heaven-9SNS276-11.jpg 5656_gulet-for-charter-blue-heaven-4SNS276-12.jpg
2011 | Custom | 30 m
24.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
5903_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-28SNS286-00.jpg 5902_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-27SNS286-01.jpg 5883_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-1SNS286-02.jpg 5884_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-10SNS286-03.jpg 5904_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-29SNS286-04.jpg 5907_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-4SNS286-05.jpg 5906_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-30SNS286-06.jpg 5905_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-3SNS286-07.jpg 5894_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-2SNS286-08.jpg 5897_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-22SNS286-09.jpg 5895_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-20SNS286-10.jpg 5896_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-21SNS286-11.jpg 5891_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-17SNS286-12.jpg 5892_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-18SNS286-13.jpg 5893_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-19SNS286-14.jpg 5909_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-6SNS286-15.jpg 5887_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-13SNS286-16.jpg 5912_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-9SNS286-17.jpg 5911_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-8SNS286-18.jpg 5886_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-12SNS286-19.jpg 5888_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-14SNS286-20.jpg 5885_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-11SNS286-21.jpg 5898_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-23SNS286-22.jpg 5899_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-24SNS286-23.jpg 5900_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-25SNS286-24.jpg 5901_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-26SNS286-25.jpg 5910_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-7SNS286-26.jpg 5889_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-15SNS286-27.jpg 5890_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-16SNS286-28.jpg 5908_catamaran-for-charter-christal-mio-5SNS286-29.jpg
2020 | Fountaine Pajot | 20 m
32.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
6626_sun-deck-13SNS311-00.jpg 6615_deck-1SNS311-01.jpg 6621_saloon-3SNS311-02.jpg 6622_saloon-4SNS311-03.jpg 6623_saloonSNS311-04.jpg 6620_masterSNS311-05.jpg 6629_vipSNS311-06.jpg 6628_twinSNS311-07.jpg 6619_deck-7SNS311-08.jpg 6618_deck-5SNS311-09.jpg 6617_deck-4SNS311-10.jpg 6616_deck-2SNS311-11.jpg 6624_sun-deck-10SNS311-12.jpg 6625_sun-deck-12SNS311-13.jpg 6627_sun-deck-9SNS311-14.jpg 6630_wind-of-change-2-webSNS311-15.jpg 6631_woc-15SNS311-16.jpg 6632_woc-3SNS311-17.jpg 6633_woc-6SNS311-18.jpg 6634_woc-12SNS311-19.jpg 6635_woc-13SNS311-20.jpg 6636_woc-2SNS311-21.jpg
1988 | Brook Marine | 29 m
24.000 Euro
Price from (per week)


Start your adventure in the stunning Athens, the birthplace of democracy, proud of its three millennia of rich history.

Wander around the streets where famous philosophers debated in ancient times to feel the vibrant atmosphere of the capital. One must pay a visit to Parthenon - the temple devoted to the goddess of wisdom, Athena, and the most important surviving monument of Classical Greece. Built in 447 BC, the Parthenon is a symbol of Western civilization and democracy, and a great example of the Doric order.

The contemporary metropolis submerged in history, it is true that Athens is a living museum.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is just one of the modern gems to explore on your journey to the Greek capital. Known as the new Athenian agora, this complex offers a plethora of cultural, educational, athletic, environmental, and recreational activities for everyone to enjoy. It is the home of the Greek National Opera as well as the largest green area of this city. The complex itself was designed by Renzo Piano and offers activities such as ballet and pilates classes and art exhibitions.

While exploring everything Athens has to offer is impossible to do in a day or even a month, you can gaze at the entirety of the city while dining in the glass-enclosed restaurant called Dinner In The Sky. It's really a dining table elevated 40 meters above ground for the lucky few who want to enjoy a 360 view of the stunning view.

Those who might be afraid of heights might enjoy a more traditional setting at Spondi restaurant, a true oasis of gourmet cuisine - their wine cellar has more than 1300 different labels and the menu is seasonal since they only use fresh ingredients to deliver mouthwatering dishes that will astound even the most demanding customer.


Drop your anchor at the splendid island to marvel at the gorgeous mix of Venetian and Greek architecture, surrounded by the endless blue. The vibrant town of Ermopouli was conquested by many rulers - Romans, Arabs, Franks, and Venetians, but mainly keeps a neoclassical style that you can admire on a stroll through the picturesque streets and marble squares.

The beaches are less crowded than in surrounding islands, making Syros a wonderful choice for those looking for a calming maritime experience.


Often referred to as the king of the Cyclades, this sensational island welcomes members of the jet-set who religiously come each summer looking for world-class nightlife and spend their holidays in style. The striking hues of blue are contrasted by whitewashed houses and hide numerous elegant restaurants, beaches, and bars.

To enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, spend the day at Alemagou beach where you'll find the beach bar that carries the same name, and serves colorful cocktails to sip on during your break from swimming.

When choosing a place for lunch, look no further than Kiki'S Tavern at Agios Sostis beach - the delicious chargrilled pork chops are an institution themselves.

Of course, the Mykonos experience wouldn't be complete without visiting Scorpios, the iconic bar that has become emblematic of the island and is the preferred destination of the young and beautiful crowds to enjoy sunsets and good music. If you get overtaken by the buzz, continue your night at Cavo Paradiso. Book a berth at the New Port to enjoy the glamorous beaches and lush ambiance of the splendid island.


The largest of the Cycladic island is admired for long stretches of sandy beaches and rolling hills and mountains. Cubic, white architecture and medieval Venetian mansions can both be found on this gorgeous island, giving Naxos a completely different character that sets it apart from neighboring destinations. According to Greek mythology, this is also the birthplace of Zeus, and you can take a hike to explore Mount Zas and see the cave where he was raised along the way. The Aghia Marina is the perfect starting point.

Breezes of the island make it the perfect place for kiteboarding and windsurfing - Agios Prokopios might be the best choice to ride the waves.

Naxos is full of ancient ruins to explore while on land - The Temple of Dimitri and Portara are both sites that offer a glimpse into the ancient history of Naxos.


Admired for transparent waters, charming traditional towns and color coordinated views that simply serve as eye rest, this stunning Greek island is the perfect place to recharge your batteries. In the lovely Parikia, that also serves as the main harbor, you'll find a Byzantine church dating back to the 4th century - Panagia Ekatontapiliani church, known as "the church with a 100 doors", is one of the best perserved churches in the country.

Naoussa village is the perfect spot to have an easygoing day strolling around taverns and ouzeries in the streets of this picturesque port town that kept its authenticity in spite of tourist development.

Stunning gold beaches surround the natural bay of Naoussa- Kolymbithres Beach, Agios Ioannis, Monastiri are all just gems waiting to be discovered, but the Agioi Anargyroi offers more than just marine adventure. The local winery Moraitis, situated just near this beach, boasts over a century of tradition and makes for a sublime adventure for all senses. Purchase a few bottles of local wine varietes - Monemvasia or Mandilaria - to enjoy on the deck of your yacht as you sail further into the dreamy coasts of the area.


erhaps the most magnetic island of the Cyclades - or perhaps, planet Earth, and one of the most sought-after sailing destinations owes its irresistible allure to dramatic views and unique, colorful sunsets of blush, red and ochre.

A volcanic erruption that devastated the island in the 16th century BC formed the rugged landscape of Santorini - the pearly-white houses rise from cliffs of an underwater crater and form the signature look of this crescent-shaped island.

Known as Kallisti - or "most beautiful" - in ancient times, Santorini is to this day a bucket list destination. Marvel at the astonishing cobble-stoned streets of Oia, where sun is shaded by passionate bouginvillea flowers. Naval Maritime Museum is an attraction many yachties enjoy, while the Amoudi Bay is where you'll find the remarkable view of seas contrasted by tan volcanic cliffs, adorned with restaurants with tables so close to the water, you can practically smell the sea salt.

Just at the foot of Mesa Vouno Mountain, the peculiar volcanic black sand is washed away by the tranquil blue seas, while beats from turntables dominated by household names create a lively atmosphere. And right when you think you've seen all shades of sand, you might decide to hop on to the arguably most famous beach of the area that owes it's name to the crimson red color of the shore - the Red Beach is located near the village of Akrotiri, and is best enjoyed from a boat, since the rockiness and size don't make for the best sunbathing experience.

But there is more to explore in Santorini than just beaches and sunsets - the island is just heaven for anyone interested in fine cuisine.

Enjoy the delicious sea food specialities and scenic view from the terrace of the Botargo restaurant, set in a lovely 18th century villa.

If the culinary wonders impress you so much that you find yourself wishing to learn how to prepare them yourself, book a cooking class at Petra Kouzina. The classes are held at a traditional cave house and will make for a very romantic activity!

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