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The golden sand, clear skies, and seductive nature make this island one of the most sought-after yacht charter destinations. But there's more than lazy days spent on your private charter yacht that Mallorca has to offer. The vibrant cultural scene, rich history, a wide selection of gourmet restaurants, and impressive architecture are all integral parts of the island's charms.

7206_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-cruising-with-the-sun-setSNS105-00.jpg 7225_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-view-of-daybed-onSNS105-01.jpg 7215_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-main-salonSNS105-02.jpg 7202_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-aft-view-of-salonSNS105-03.jpg 7214_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-interior-dining-areaSNS105-04.jpg 7212_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-galleySNS105-05.jpg 7226_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-view-of-galley-and-cockpitSNS105-06.jpg 7220_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-staircase-to-guest-cabinsSNS105-07.jpg 7216_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-master-cabin-main-viewSNS105-08.jpg 7217_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-master-cabin-tv-viewSNS105-09.jpg 7223_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-vanity-desk-and-walk-inSNS105-10.jpg 7208_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-double-cabin-bathroomSNS105-11.jpg 7198_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-vip-cabin-tv-viewSNS105-12.jpg 7199_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-vip-cabinSNS105-13.jpg 7210_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-en-suite-bathroom-of-cabinSNS105-14.jpg 7203_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-bathroom-with-shower-viewSNS105-15.jpg 7209_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-double-cabinSNS105-16.jpg 7211_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-en-suite-bathroomSNS105-17.jpg 7221_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-twin-cabin-convertible-toSNS105-18.jpg 7224_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-vanity-desk-in-vip-cabinSNS105-19.jpg 7205_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-complete-view-of-flybridgeSNS105-20.jpg 7227_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-wet-bar-on-flybridgeSNS105-21.jpg 7200_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-aft-deck-dining-area-sideSNS105-22.jpg 7201_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-aft-deck-dining-areaSNS105-23.jpg 7204_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-beautiful-seating-areaSNS105-24.jpg 7213_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-hydraulic-bathing-platformSNS105-25.jpg 7219_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-spacious-sunbathing-areaSNS105-26.jpg 7218_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-on-anchor-with-toysSNS105-27.jpg 7207_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-cruisingSNS105-28.jpg 7222_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-underwaySNS105-29.jpg
2015 | Sunseeker | 26 m
48.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
5110_sailing-yacht-miyabi-14SNS128-00.jpg 5118_sailing-yacht-miyabi-22SNS128-01.jpg 5106_sailing-yacht-miyabi-10SNS128-02.jpg 5132_sailing-yacht-miyabi-7SNS128-03.jpg 5129_sailing-yacht-miyabi-4SNS128-04.jpg 5131_sailing-yacht-miyabi-6SNS128-05.jpg 5130_sailing-yacht-miyabi-5SNS128-06.jpg 5134_sailing-yacht-miyabi-9SNS128-07.jpg 5126_sailing-yacht-miyabi-3SNS128-08.jpg 5133_sailing-yacht-miyabi-8SNS128-09.jpg 5123_sailing-yacht-miyabi-27SNS128-10.jpg 5124_sailing-yacht-miyabi-28SNS128-11.jpg 5121_sailing-yacht-miyabi-25SNS128-12.jpg 5122_sailing-yacht-miyabi-26SNS128-13.jpg 5125_sailing-yacht-miyabi-29SNS128-14.jpg 5105_sailing-yacht-miyabi-1SNS128-15.jpg 5127_sailing-yacht-miyabi-30SNS128-16.jpg 5128_sailing-yacht-miyabi-31SNS128-17.jpg 5115_sailing-yacht-miyabi-2SNS128-18.jpg 5116_sailing-yacht-miyabi-20SNS128-19.jpg 5117_sailing-yacht-miyabi-21SNS128-20.jpg 5114_sailing-yacht-miyabi-19SNS128-21.jpg 5119_sailing-yacht-miyabi-23SNS128-22.jpg 5113_sailing-yacht-miyabi-18SNS128-23.jpg 5120_sailing-yacht-miyabi-24SNS128-24.jpg 5107_sailing-yacht-miyabi-11SNS128-25.jpg 5108_sailing-yacht-miyabi-12SNS128-26.jpg 5109_sailing-yacht-miyabi-13SNS128-27.jpg 5111_sailing-yacht-miyabi-15SNS128-28.jpg 5112_sailing-yacht-miyabi-16SNS128-29.jpg
2008 | Vismara | 21 m
14.500 Euro
Price from (per week)
2027_r-e51a0650SNS137-00.jpg 2011_aft-deck-1SNS137-01.jpg 2012_aft-deck-2SNS137-02.jpg 2013_aft-deckSNS137-03.jpg 2017_galleySNS137-04.jpg 2015_dining-areaSNS137-05.jpg 2029_salon-1SNS137-06.jpg 2032_salonSNS137-07.jpg 2030_salon-2SNS137-08.jpg 2031_salon-3SNS137-09.jpg 2021_master-cabin-1SNS137-10.jpg 2022_master-cabin-2SNS137-11.jpg 2023_master-cabinSNS137-12.jpg 2020_master-bathroomSNS137-13.jpg 2039_vip-cabinSNS137-14.jpg 2018_guest-bathroom-1SNS137-15.jpg 2037_twin-cabin-1SNS137-16.jpg 2038_twin-cabinSNS137-17.jpg 2014_bunk-cabinSNS137-18.jpg 2019_guest-bathroomSNS137-19.jpg 2025_r-e51a0142-2SNS137-20.jpg 2026_r-e51a0594SNS137-21.jpg 2028_r-e51a0730SNS137-22.jpg 2033_sunbathing-1SNS137-23.jpg 2034_sunbathing-2SNS137-24.jpg 2035_sunbathing-flybridgeSNS137-25.jpg 2036_sunbathingSNS137-26.jpg 2040_watertoysSNS137-27.jpg 2016_flybridgeSNS137-28.jpg 2024_r-e51a0033SNS137-29.jpg
2006 | Sunseeker | 22 m
24.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
5142_sailing-yacht-thea-16SNS187-00.jpg 5144_sailing-yacht-thea-18SNS187-01.jpg 5135_sailing-yacht-thea-1SNS187-02.jpg 5149_sailing-yacht-thea-3SNS187-03.jpg 5148_sailing-yacht-thea-21SNS187-04.jpg 5146_sailing-yacht-thea-2SNS187-05.jpg 5151_sailing-yacht-thea-5SNS187-06.jpg 5155_sailing-yacht-thea-9SNS187-07.jpg 5152_sailing-yacht-thea-6SNS187-08.jpg 5153_sailing-yacht-thea-7SNS187-09.jpg 5154_sailing-yacht-thea-8SNS187-10.jpg 5136_sailing-yacht-thea-10SNS187-11.jpg 5150_sailing-yacht-thea-4SNS187-12.jpg 5137_sailing-yacht-thea-11SNS187-13.jpg 5147_sailing-yacht-thea-20SNS187-14.jpg 5145_sailing-yacht-thea-19SNS187-15.jpg 5143_sailing-yacht-thea-17SNS187-16.jpg 5138_sailing-yacht-thea-12SNS187-17.jpg 5139_sailing-yacht-thea-13SNS187-18.jpg 5141_sailing-yacht-thea-15SNS187-19.jpg 5140_sailing-yacht-thea-14SNS187-20.jpg
2015 | Jeanneau | 20 m
18.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
8287_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-23SNS159-00.jpg 8296_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-33SNS159-01.jpg 8286_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-22SNS159-02.jpg 8278_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-15SNS159-03.jpg 8284_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-20SNS159-04.jpg 8279_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-16SNS159-05.jpg 8293_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-29SNS159-06.jpg 8291_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-27SNS159-07.jpg 8277_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-13SNS159-08.jpg 8276_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-12SNS159-09.jpg 8295_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-31SNS159-10.jpg 8282_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-19SNS159-11.jpg 8281_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-18SNS159-12.jpg 8274_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-10SNS159-13.jpg 8275_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-11SNS159-14.jpg 8292_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-28SNS159-15.jpg 8290_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-26SNS159-16.jpg 8273_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-1SNS159-17.jpg 8283_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-2SNS159-18.jpg 8289_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-25SNS159-19.jpg 8294_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-3SNS159-20.jpg 8297_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-4SNS159-21.jpg 8298_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-5SNS159-22.jpg 8299_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-6SNS159-23.jpg 8300_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-7SNS159-24.jpg 8301_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-8SNS159-25.jpg 8302_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-9SNS159-26.jpg 8285_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-21SNS159-27.jpg 8288_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-24SNS159-28.jpg 8280_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-17SNS159-29.jpg
2021 | Sunreef | 18 m
35.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
4547_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-28SNS236-00.jpg 4534_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-16SNS236-01.jpg 4529_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-11SNS236-02.jpg 4543_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-24SNS236-03.jpg 4544_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-25SNS236-04.jpg 4549_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-3SNS236-05.jpg 4538_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-2SNS236-06.jpg 4554_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-8SNS236-07.jpg 4555_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-9SNS236-08.jpg 4527_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-1SNS236-09.jpg 4548_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-29SNS236-10.jpg 4537_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-19SNS236-11.jpg 4539_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-20SNS236-12.jpg 4540_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-21SNS236-13.jpg 4541_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-22SNS236-14.jpg 4542_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-23SNS236-15.jpg 4528_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-10SNS236-16.jpg 4530_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-12SNS236-17.jpg 4531_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-13SNS236-18.jpg 4532_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-14SNS236-19.jpg 4533_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-15SNS236-20.jpg 4535_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-17SNS236-21.jpg 4536_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-18SNS236-22.jpg 4553_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-7SNS236-23.jpg 4550_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-4SNS236-24.jpg 4552_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-6SNS236-25.jpg 4551_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-5SNS236-26.jpg 4546_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-27SNS236-27.jpg 4545_motor-yacht-lel-rossinavi-26SNS236-28.jpg
2020 | Rossinavi | 50 m
285.000 Euro
Price from (per week)

Adorned with luxurious hot spots, Mallorca makes for one of the world's most popular yachting destinations, and the variety of upscale marinas will satisfy even the most demanding charter guest.

The most popular ports include Palma, Puerto Portals, Puerto de Andratx, Puerto de Soller, Puerto Pollensa and Cala D'Or.

Sail away to the sunny beaches of Mallorca to relax in the celeste-blue glittering waters beautifully backdropped by rugged limestone mountains and take a glimpse into the alfresco lifestyle.

Palma De Mallorca

The sunny and prestigious city of Mallorca brings a perfect blend of fun and culture - the stunning monuments are impressive examples of Europe's finest architecture.

The monumental Catedral de Mallorca, usually referred to as La Seu, serves as a wonderful example of Gothicism. Its construction began in the 13th century on the site of a Moorish mosque, only to be fully completed in 1601. A great part of the interior was remodeled by Antoni Gaudi.

A little walk from the city center, you'll find Castillo de Bellver. One of the rare circular castles, lined with Romanesque and Gothic arcades, it hides a history museum perfect for learning about the rich culture of the island.

When you're ready for a fine gastronomic experience, prepare to be overwhelmed with choice. Forn de Sant Joan restaurant will enchant you with their beautifully served dishes, while Vandal the place to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, colorful cocktails, and fusion cuisine. Sumaq offers an excellent selection on their Peruvian-based menu - try one of their ceviches.

Palma Port is the largest of five ports and is situated right in the middle of the city of Palma, offering views of both the stunning seas, as well as the stunning Old Town. Divided into four very distinct areas that serve different purposes, from commercial cargo to recreational sailing, the port that has been operating even before the 10th-century Muslim invasion, is also the home of some of the most important regattas, such as The King's Cup and the HRH Princess Sofia Trophy. Offering top-notch berths, moorings, and maintenance services, Port de Palma will assure you have a pleasant, relaxed stay.

Just a 10-minute drive from the capital in the village of Portal Nous, those looking for an even more upscale mooring will be amazed by the opulent Porto Portals, the most glamorous marina of the island frequented by exclusive elites. Catering to up to 600 yachts, the cosmopolitan atmosphere is perfect for high-end shopping, indulging in portside restaurants, or sun-soaking in the nearby sheltered Platja de l'Oratori in this small marina outgrown by its reputation.

Cala d'Or

Adorned with seven sandy pine jeweled coves and named after its golden bay, luscious beaches, and surrounded by inviting, warm waters, Cala d'Or is a village of fairytale beauty. Offering rich nature and variety for both those looking for an unforgettable nightlife experience and those looking for a family-friendly experience, the quays of this lovely destination hide one of the most upscale marinas. Visit the marina Cala d'Or to rub shoulders with celebrities and immerse yourself in a gourmet experience in one of the surrounding restaurants.

Puerto Pollensa

Enjoy the casual atmosphere with a touch an air of elegance, warm balmy evenings in one of the most splendid marinas, and outstanding nature's riches in this bustling summer getaway. The neverending sandy beaches and surrounding mountains will keep you occupied both on land and in water.


As you sail the glittery seas, you'll discover an explorer's unique paradise mysteriously hidden archipelago that guards perhaps the best-preserved nature in the Mediterranean. With a limited number of visitors allowed, the natural park of Cabrera will enchant you with lush marine and rare species, such as the black lizard and a variety of sea snails.

Anchor in the natural harbor to explore the filigree arches and Moorish domes, or meditate while listening to music provided by the various bird species that inhabit this pearl of nature.


The natural park situated on the uninhabited islet of Dragonera just south of Mallorca will seduce you with blush sunsets and unforgettable snorkeling opportunities.

Home to the endemic species of lizards and plants, the place borrows its name from its shape, resembling a dragon. Nothing short of magic, the natural park is composed of three islets, Illot des Pantaleu, Sa Mitjana, and Sa Dragonera is the place to recharge your batteries and admire the pureness of the environment.

Port d'Andratx

To enjoy some more under-the-radar luxury, moor in the scenic Port d'Andratx and observe the liveliness of one of the most coveted resorts of Mallorca. A wonderful starting choice to explore stunning nature and azure beaches of the island, as well as the surrounding Serra de Tramuntana. Built around the fisherman port that operates to this day, the modern port village is a popular choice as a holiday destination among numerous celebrities, such as Brad Pitt and Claudia Schiffer, who purchased estates in the azure oasis. S'Oliu restaurant is a splendid choice for anyone looking to relish on delectable Mediterranean cuisine while absorbing scenery that is to die for.

Es Trenc

The pearly waters and white sand of this celestial beach are a divine opportunity to enjoy the finest relaxation Earth has to offer. Drop your anchor here to stargaze, or if you're feeling more risque, go commando in the naturalist paradise and discover how Adam and Eve must have felt in the garden of Eden.

Porto Cristo

At the end of a long, sun-kissed sandy beach and its azure waters, you'll find a serene oasis that indiscriminately hides both ancient stone houses and luxurious, modern villas. Remains of a Roman port hush behind the modern harbor where just recently, remains of Roman ship were discovered. The authentic charms of this stunning fishing village is home of tennis superstar Rafael Nadal as well as to his Catamaran, which is berthed here.

Cuevas del Drach

Located in the town of Porto Cristo, these caves are known to bewitch any visitor with almost chimeric sights and one of the largest subterranean lakes known to exist. First mentioned in the 14th century, these four connected caves extend over four kilometers and the formations date to the Neogene period.

The calming sounds of dripping waters are not the only ones you'll hear, as you can also enjoy a classical music concert while boat riding in the Lake of Martel, illuminated by lights that resemble a sunset.


Beloved by greats such as Chopin and Borges, this small ancient village is famed for its picturesque scenery, cobblestone streets dotted with vibrant cafes and shops, and rich history.

The Palace of Valldemosa, the site's main attraction, also served as a Carthusian monastery for four centuries and hides a neoclassic Church and stunning belltower - supposedly built on the ruins of a Moorish fortress of Walli Moussa, to whom the place owes its name.

The lush gardens surrounding the monastery are bejeweled by palms, cypress trees, and flowers to explore on a peaceful walk. Michael Douglas was so fascinated by the town's beauty, he bought a 55 million dollar estate in the town and initiated the formation of the cultural center Costa Nord, where you can find information about the surrounding Serra de Tramuntana mountains.

Port de Soller

Situated in the large horseshoe bay is the sunny resort perfect for admiring the wonderful scenery, a fusion of mountain sights, and gorgeous sea views of the island. Spared from overdevelopment, the charming village retained its original charms and provides for some of the colorful sunsets to enjoy while sipping fine rose.

Cala Deia

Sail northwest of Mallorca to swim in the minuscule cove beach surrounded by majestic sights of the Tramuntana mountains. The secluded beach in the village of Deia is adored by celebrities and moguls alike who anchor their yachts each year to swim in the turquoise waters and virgin nature this place is known for. Ca's Patro March is a hidden-cove restaurant frequently visited by the flossy elite and offers gourmet cuisine to those who manage to get a reservation to relish on while absorbing the stunning view of the glittering seas.

Cala Figuera

Visit the traditional fishing village that retained its authentic charm, where men still mend their nets. Situated in a fjordesque bay in the municipality of Santanyi, Cala Figuera was named after fig trees that grow here in abundance and are an essential part of the timeless scenery. The peaceful village is nestled between rocky cliffs and pine trees, contrasted by blanched white facades of fishermen's homes. A true timeless paradise has a small harbor where past and future dock together, and luxurious yachts anchor right next to wooden fishing boats that serve as a testament of a bygone era.

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