ACAPELLA, Sailing Yacht

Year 2021, Leda d.o.o.

49,00 m
8,50 m
3,90 m
Cruising 12 knots / Max 15 knots
5 double cabins
High season
103.960 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
92.660 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 12 + PAX night 12
We accept charges from
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Acapella 49 meter gulet for charter with 5 cabins for 12 guests

An irresistible gulet of the latest generation about to make a huge splash on the charter market, Acapella is an outstanding blend of state of the art technology, immaculate engineering, and ravishing aesthetics. Like a floating new age palace, she offers top-notch amenities and superb conditions for smooth cruises through the turquoise Croatian seas. 
Hop on board Acapella to witness the newest achievement in naval architecture certain to enchant even the most demanding yachtsmen. At the aft deck, you’ll find a gracious dining table for delicious al fresco meals paired with quality wine, for moments of pure hedonism at sea.
Upstairs, the epicenter of Acapella is presented on the flybridge area, where you’ll find sumptuous seating areas ideal for lounging while absorbing the sweeping views, and a large jacuzzi for moments of indulgence surrounded by the azure indescribable. Several sun pads and a fitted bronzing spot are placed for practicing the fine art of dolce far niente.
Head closer to the bow to enjoy moments of meditation or have a siesta lulled by the calming sound of the sea. For an added thrill, try out one of the many toys provided on board Acapella for invigorating activity in the warm translucent water. 
When the sun gets too intense, cool in the strikingly beautiful salon, that uses panoramic vistas as added decor with generous windows and sliding door systems, allowing the indoor and outdoor areas to blend seamlessly into each other. Laze away on two large sofas, or host gourmet soirees at the elegant dining table. Simple hues, cutting edge technology, and striking modern lines, work together to create an oasis of relaxing ambiance on Acapella.
As the sun sets, take your pick between 5 well-appointed double cabins, two of them with additional single berths, capable of carrying up to 12 guests. Her master suite is unapologetically modern and decidedly luxurious. A palatial bed, with large loungers, a work desk, and art details, provides more than just the comforts of home. Ultra-glamorous furnishings and carefully chosen art details are showcased in each stateroom, with different approaches to leisure time depending on the taste of your entourage. Ensuites are exceptionally beautiful and provided in all suites, for added privacy.
Smooth cruising and premium service is provided by 10 expert crew members, who’ll make sure you have a lovely, unforgettable stay on Acapella.

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