Year 2009 (Refit 2013), Perini Navi

50,00 m
10,52 m
4,00 m
Cruising 12 knots
3 double cabins, 2 twin cabins
High season
210.000 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
185.000 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 12 + PAX night 10
We accept charges from
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Baracuda Valletta 50 meter sailing yacht for charter with 5 cabins for 10 guests

A 50 meters long seductive superyacht, Baracuda Valletta is a masterpiece of unparalleled opulence and distinctive aesthetics. Boasting trademark features of her famed shipyard, Perini Navi, Baracuda Valetta stands out with impressive purple sails, a long fly bridge, recognizable deckhouse lines, and curved windows. Innovative design and cutting edge styling is the result of the creative fusion between Perini’s in-house naval architects and talented Ron Holland, famous for his work with exclusive racing boats. 
British architect, John Pawson, a pioneer of modern minimalism was trusted with her luxurious interior. The result is an inviting living area offering comforts unrivaled by other yachts of the same range. 5 stunningly furnished cabins accommodate up to 10 curious sea wanderers. The master cabin boasts endless space, complete with an office for busy A-listers to keep up with work as well as a sleek ensuite bathroom. All situated on the lower deck, guests can take their pick between two double VIP staterooms and two twins, all with splendid ensuites. 
Her salon - a serene oasis perfect for both engaging family time, as well as secluded alone time, allowed by bountiful separate corners. A contemporary dining area is also found here and offers an elegant setting where guests can relish on gourmet cuisine provided by the charter. An abundance of natural light creates a soothing atmosphere and invites marvelous sea views.
Baracuda Vallettas's exterior seems to have escaped the pages of a glossy decor magazine. An enormous lounging sofa is found on the beautifully shaded aft deck, and can easily be transformed into a sophisticated dining area. Swanky sunbeds are located nearby, where guests can work on their tan while absorbing calming views of the restless waves. Additional space for alfresco meals can be found on the mesmerizing sun deck.
The transom door opens almost entirely to be transformed into a large swimming platform, as well as an ideal spot for tender launching. 
Baracuda Valletta flaunts a cutting-edge, revolutionary sailing system, with aluminum ketch-rigged masts 56.7 and 42.9 meters from the designated water line.
Charterers of refined tastes and a flare for activity can choose between a variety of water toys to use during their cruise in this lavish gem of naval architecture, or enjoy some leisure time inside where a state of the art entertainment system is provided for guests to connect to WiFi, watch Apple TV, catch up on movies or simply read in peace and quiet. 

Water Toys

  • Tender 5.70m with 150hp
  • Tender Lomac with 30hp 
  • Seabob
  • Canoe for 1 person
  • Canoe for 2 persons
  • Water Skis
  • Tubes
  • Monoski
  • Wakeboard
  • Stand up paddle board
  • Snorkeling equipment

Additional Equipment and Facilities 

  • WiFi
  • Kahleidoscope system on demand
  • Centralized system for movies and music
  • Satellite TV

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