CORSARIO, Sailing Yacht

Year 2019, Custom

48,00 m
8,70 m
2,90 m
Cruising 9 knots / Max 12 knots
4 double cabins, 2 twin cabins
High season
74.000 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
68.000 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 12 + PAX night 12
We accept charges from
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Corsario 48 meter gulet for charter with 6 cabins for 12 guests

Luff up to explore the Dalmatian coast in unparalleled luxury. Corsario is a stunning Gulet built for adventure, with the most cutting edge features hidden in a classic exterior. Incredible attention to detail and superior craftsmanship are evident throughout her length of 48 meters, and her recent 2019 debut ensures new voyageurs find her in a mint-like condition. 
At first glance, Corsario resembles a romantic ship from days gone by. Her noble white sails, rising tall in the sky, inspire escapades through the glittery seas. In contrast, inside you will encounter only the most modern design tailor made for the highest standard of living. 
Corsario can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 well-appointed cabins. Regardless of the one you choose, you can expect to find a flat screen TV, individually managed AC, wi-fi and a surround system. The master cabin boasts an airy atmosphere with soothing tones and carefully chosen details. If you prefer even more space, the glossy VIP suites will dazzle you with a palatial feel, lush furnishings and lounge areas perfect for cruising in style. There’s also a stylish stateroom with a queen size bed, each with an ensuite bathroom to ensure maximum privacy for all guests. In total you will find 4 double cabins and 2 twin cabins available to choose from. 
The main salon welcomes a flood of natural light through generous windows, while the decor is envisioned to match the palette of azure surroundings. While you can enjoy the panoramic views while cozying up on the comfortable couches, the sundeck is the favorite socializing spot thanks to glamorous features that enchant everyone that comes onboard. The flybridge deck has a zen-ispiring sauna to enjoy a good steam, and then indulge in a bubble bath under the open skies in the large circular jacuzzi. The daybeds offer biminis for optional shade where you can dry off before immersing in a gourmet meal on the elegant dining area found on the aft deck. Thanks to the experienced chef, each meal is a true gastronomic experience with an impressive presentation. 
A fitted loveseat on the upper deck is ideal for watching sunsets while treating yourself to a glass of the finest Croatian white wine. If you feel in the mood for some thrilling water sports, a wide array of toys will quench your thirst fun in the turquoise seas. 
To ensure a premium yacht charter experience on Corsario, 9 crew members will provide top-notch services that will allow you to surrender to the beauty of the surroundings.

Water Toys 

  • Dinghy (5.5m; Yamaha 110hp)
  • 2 stand up paddle boards and kayaks
  • Jet ski and water skiing equioment
  • Snorkeling and fishing equipment

Additional facilities on board 

  • Sauna 
  • Vast sunbathing area with sundeck matresses 
  • Jacuzzi on the fly bridge
  • Spacious lounge area and outdoor dining area

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Price from (per week)

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