NAMASTE, Catamaran

Year 2017, Privilege Marine

23,83 m
10,67 m
2,90 m
Cruising 12 knots / Max 14 knots
3 double cabins
High season
60.000 $
Price from (per week)
Low season
56.000 $
Price from (per week)
PAX day 6 + PAX night 6
We accept charges from
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Namaste 24 meter Catamaran for Charter with 3 cabins for 6 guests

Reach nirvana in the calming oasis of this spectacular 24m catamaran. An ideal blend of luxury and zen, Namaste invites you to greet the morning sun surrounded by the calming seas, with all the comforts of a contemporary state of the art charter yacht, crafted to satisfy your thirst for adventure in the most glamorous setting. Cutting edge technology, impressive performances, and surreal aesthetics are whisked together to invite the ultimate soothing setting for your next charter journey. 
Namaste means “I bow to the divine within you” in Sanskrit. A lovely crew of 4 professionals will welcome you on board and ensure you’re pampered throughout your stay on this astonishing catamaran, allowing you to reconnect with your light and discover the divine. Envisioned as the ideal environment for both the body and the soul, Namaste offers luxurious amenities and refined elegance for guests to let their hair down and enjoy the finer things in life.
Her gracious exterior boasts ample spaces for socializing and unwinding with friends and family. An elegant dining area for meals alfresco is mercifully shaded for long hedonistic enjoyment. If you find yourself yearning for some cooling atmosphere, head to the salon, bathed with natural light, to enjoy a fully air-conditioned and spacious sanctuary with a generous sofa where you can read books or converse with your loved ones. A seating table and fully equipped galley allow for entertaining, while for some dolce far niente, a large flat-screen TV invites you to watch your favorite movies.
If you find yourself in the mood for some invigorating recreation, Namaste offers an array of water toys which are bound to keep you busy in the turquoise seas. After wakeboarding, riding your jet tender or fun diving with the state-of-the-art sea bobs, relax in an indulgent bath in the grandiose deck jacuzzi or sauna.
As the sun sets, choose to toast with some refreshing Mojitos on the neon-lit water platform and then head on to one of the 3 stunning double cabins that can accommodate up to 6 guests. Airy and tranquil, the 3 immense doubles allow an abundance of natural light and perfect, unassuming decor for restful nights at anchor on board Namaste.

Water Toys

  • Semi-rigid tender: CARBON CRAFT, 16.5ft, 150 HP jet turbo
  • 2 x Segway personal transporter, model i2 SE
  • 2 x gocycle electric assist bicycles 
  • Mono & Bi water skis for adults & children
  • 1 Wakeskate
  • 1 Wakeboard
  • 2 Inatable Starboard: Zen WindSUPs
  • 2 Inatable Hobie: Mirage i12s = 1 person kayak
  • 1 Inatable Hobie: Mirage i14t = 2 person kayak
  • 1 Tube
  • 1 Two persons tube
  • 2 seasons under water scooters with build in cameras 
  • 1 Nautibuoy inatable platform
  • Noodles
  • Fishing equipment: 1 small rod & reel set
  • Deep sea shing gear: 3 sets deep sea trolling gear
  • Snorkeling equipment for 6 varies sizes
  • Diving equipment for 6 people - only for certied divers 10 tanks, diving gear for 6, Bauer junior dive compressor and nitrox system
  • Underwater camera and video

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