QUESTA E VITA, Motor Yacht

Year 2008 (Refit 2019), Aicon Spa

23,51 m
5,94 m
1,20 m
Cruising 22 knots / Max 30 knots
2 double cabins, 2 twin cabins ( convertible to doubles )
High season
29.900 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
25.900 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 12 + PAX night 10
We accept charges from
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Questa e Vita 24 meter motor yacht for charter with 4 cabins for 10 guests

Life is what you make it, and chartering this striking superyacht is a manifesto of the hedonist way of life. Built by Aicon shipyards, whose Sicilian heritage inspired them to build a charter yacht that allows guests to savor each day, Questa e Vita debuted in 2008 and was last refitted in 2020, when she was further improved with a huge jacuzzi pool. 
Her awe-inspiring aesthetics are matched by optimal performances and innovative features that make Questa e Vita one of the most impressive yachts of her size in Greece. Ideal for island hopping adventures, she reaches a thrilling top speed of 30 knots, yet the rolling motion is reduced to a minimum with state of the art at anchor and underway stabilizers that were introduced in 2017. 
To spend an unforgettable vacation at sea with family and friends, you can choose between 4 lavish staterooms that can fit an entourage of 10. The master suite will exceed all expectations in terms of accommodation, with dazzling furniture, a walk in closet and a cutting edge entertainment system. The VIP suite boasts an almost equal level of glamour. The starboard and port cabins have flexible berths that can be converted into twin or queen size berths depending on your preference. All guests will enjoy stylish ensuite facilities with hydro jet showers. 
When you feel like cozying up, the striking salon with sumptuous sofas will allow you to enjoy panoramic views without even going outside. Whether you choose to enjoy lunch in the formal dining area here, or head to the stunning teak aft deck, the virtuoso chef will make every meal an incredible gourmet experience. The flybridge also has a seating table for casual snacking and sundowner cocktails, but its main feature is the large jacuzzi pool with ozone and color therapies that will provide a SPA-like experience during your cruise. 
The foredeck has a cushioned tanning area, where you can surrender to the temptations of warm sunrays while Questa e Vita cuts smoothly into the waves. Make sure to try one of the numerous water toys, including a sea bob, that will entertain all guests regardless of age. 
To ensure an experience of ultimate relaxation onboard, Questa e Vita is crewed by a fantastic crew of 4 who will take you to every hidden jewel Greece has to offer and provide a level of service that will make the choice of wine your greatest concern, although guidance will be offered even in that department. 

Water Toys 

  • Jet Tender Zodiac Yachtline 4.20m
  • Jet Ski Yamaha Waverunner XP1300 R
  • Sea Bob F5S*
  • SUP*
  • 2 x Wind Surf 1.48L, 1.60L*
  • Tube
  • Knee Board*
  • Wake Board*
  • Jobe Chaser toable (2 pax)
  • Jobe Airstream toable (2 pax)
  • Fishing & Snorkeling Gear
  • Water Skis
  • Canopy Island
  • Additional  Inflatable Toys
  • *Sea Bob, KneeBoard, WakeBard, Wind Surfs, SUP & additional Water Toys are offered free of charge on request prior to booking

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39.000 €
Price from (per week)

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