RARA AVIS, Sailing Yacht

Year 2018, Custom

33,00 m
8,40 m
3,00 m
Cruising 9 knots / Max 12 knots
4 double cabins, 2 twin cabins ( convertibles to doubles )
High season
55.000 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
55.000 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 12 + PAX night 12
We accept charges from
formas de pago, amex, visa y mastercard


Rara Avis 33 meter gulet for charter with 6 cabins for 12 guests

A great option for those who like to be unique, the custom made Rara Avis truly stands out. Gracious, elegant and modern, this 33 meter-long beauty blends elevated aesthetics with optimal performances. Her pristine mast adds a touch of romance and being 25 meters tall, provides optimal shade when enjoying some bubbles on her sundeck jacuzzi
As you hop on board, the first thing you’ll notice is the wide hydraulic bathing platform that will serve you as your own private beaches in the sparkly coves of Croatia. No more tourist crowds - sunbathe right here and jump in for a swim whenever you feel like it. Adventurous charter guests will love the contents of the garage, full of exciting water toys. As soon as all that splashing around leaves you hungry, take the stairs to reach the swish aft deck with a dining table where you can indulge in mouth-watering dishes prepared by your own private chef. Forward, you can laze around and enjoy the views of the azure indescribable and observe as Rara Avis smoothly cuts into waves. 
The sundeck boasts a large jacuzzi, surrounded by a cushioned area, a lounging corner and outdoor shower. Here, you can sip on colourful cocktails and observe the sunset with your entourage. 
Rara Avis gorgeous inside and out - cozy up in the swish, modern salon for a cinema night or more formal dinner. If you need to catch up on work, the WiFi-equipped floating villa has an elegant office that will allow you to fully focus. 
The master cabin is sleek and chic, with an abundance of space that will make you feel right at home. Thanks to designer furnishings, premium materials, hand-picked details and a cutting edge entertainment system, the master will exceed expectations of even the most discerning guests on board. The VIP suite provides an almost equal level of comfort with a similar layout. With another two cabins with queen size berths and two twin cabins which can easily be converted to double cabins, Rara Avis can welcome 12 guests for an overnight stay. Each cabin has a stylish ensuite bathroom to ensure maximum privacy and comfort. 
Prepare to get pampered by the exceptionally attentive crew with years of experience - the captain of Rara Avis knows about every hidden Croatian cove to enjoy a relaxing stay, far from tourist crowds. 

Water Toys 

  • Tender
  • Waterski
  • Wakeboard
  • Donut
  • Jet ski
  • Kayak
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • 5x SUP
  • Fishing equipment
  • Board games

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46.000 €
Price from (per week)

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