SUNBREEZE, Catamaran

Year 2021, Sunreef

18,30 m
10,20 m
1,60 m
Cruising 8 knots / Max 10 knots
4 double cabins
High season
37.000 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
33.000 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 12 + PAX night 8
We accept charges from
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Sunbreeze 18 meter Catamaran for Charter with 4 cabins for 8 guests

The pearly white exterior and sleek lines of this 18 meters long marine beauty are bound to attract gazes in every marina. New to the charter market and launched in February 2021, Sunbreeze was envisioned as an all-year-round sailing catamaran and offers supreme elegance and cutting-edge design. A masterpiece of the bespoke catamaran shipyard Sunreef, this innovative sailing catamaran is the perfect choice for charterers looking to embark on an indulgent journey through glittery seas in style. 
Enjoy your breakfast at the ample seating table on the aft deck, complete with director’s chairs that can be easily folded to allow even more space. Flip magazine pages on the off-white sun bed nearby. The main salon seamlessly blends with the aft deck with glossy sliding doors that whisk the interior and exterior into a unique open concept. A suave dining table provides for comfortable lounging with an inviting sofa and three fawn-coloured ottomans. Sweeping glass makes the area gleam with sunlight, illuminating the polished decor that is certain to take your breath away and entraps alluring sea vistas. 
Sunbreezes’ sophisticated master cabin makes for a cozy stay and is equipped with an art deco bed and full-length mirror, as well as a retractable TV, colossal ensuite facility, and walk-in closet, perfect for stylish charters who like to have outfit options on hand. Another three sumptuous double suites are available for guests to enjoy a night of quality rest and all of them feature lavish ensuite bathrooms. In total, Sunbreeze can accommodate up to 8 guests to cruise away into an unforgettable marine adventure together and create memories to share and cherish forever. 
Climb to the flybridge and you’ll come across a wonderfully shaded lounge area where you can sip on cocktails prepared by our lovely crew at the chic nearby bar and marvel at the azure panoramic views. 
Her massive water platform makes for a safe and stable launching spot for her tender, as well as a starting point for the plethora of water toys provided by Sunbreeze - two sea bobs, a wakeboard, two Kymera bodyboards and many other water toys, will be provided for her charter guests to enjoy some fun in the sun. Your stay on this charming yacht will be enhanced by the unparalleled care provided by our highly trained and hospitable crew of 3. 

Water Toys

  • Tender Grand 500, 100hp
  • 2 x Seabobs F5s
  • 2 x SUP's
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • 2 Kymera Bodyboards
  • 2 Trident sea scooter
  • Wakeboard
  • Jobe

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