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Boat rental in Ibiza & Formentera

Yachts available for charter in Ibiza & Formentera

7206_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-cruising-with-the-sun-setSNS105-00.jpg 7225_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-view-of-daybed-onSNS105-01.jpg 7215_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-main-salonSNS105-02.jpg 7202_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-aft-view-of-salonSNS105-03.jpg 7214_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-interior-dining-areaSNS105-04.jpg 7212_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-galleySNS105-05.jpg 7226_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-view-of-galley-and-cockpitSNS105-06.jpg 7220_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-staircase-to-guest-cabinsSNS105-07.jpg 7216_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-master-cabin-main-viewSNS105-08.jpg 7217_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-master-cabin-tv-viewSNS105-09.jpg 7223_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-vanity-desk-and-walk-inSNS105-10.jpg 7208_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-double-cabin-bathroomSNS105-11.jpg 7198_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-vip-cabin-tv-viewSNS105-12.jpg 7199_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-vip-cabinSNS105-13.jpg 7210_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-en-suite-bathroom-of-cabinSNS105-14.jpg 7203_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-bathroom-with-shower-viewSNS105-15.jpg 7209_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-double-cabinSNS105-16.jpg 7211_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-en-suite-bathroomSNS105-17.jpg 7221_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-twin-cabin-convertible-toSNS105-18.jpg 7224_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-vanity-desk-in-vip-cabinSNS105-19.jpg 7205_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-complete-view-of-flybridgeSNS105-20.jpg 7227_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-wet-bar-on-flybridgeSNS105-21.jpg 7200_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-aft-deck-dining-area-sideSNS105-22.jpg 7201_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-aft-deck-dining-areaSNS105-23.jpg 7204_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-beautiful-seating-areaSNS105-24.jpg 7213_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-hydraulic-bathing-platformSNS105-25.jpg 7219_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-spacious-sunbathing-areaSNS105-26.jpg 7218_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-on-anchor-with-toysSNS105-27.jpg 7207_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-cruisingSNS105-28.jpg 7222_motor-yacht-rush-x-for-charter-in-mallorca-underwaySNS105-29.jpg
2015 | Sunseeker | 26 m
48.000 Euro
Price from (per week)
4712_motor-yacht-play-the-game-ibiza-1SNS244-00.jpg 4715_motor-yacht-play-the-game-ibiza-4SNS244-01.jpg 4717_motor-yacht-play-the-game-ibiza-6SNS244-02.jpg 4718_motor-yacht-play-the-game-ibiza-7SNS244-03.jpg 4713_motor-yacht-play-the-game-ibiza-2SNS244-04.jpg 4716_motor-yacht-play-the-game-ibiza-5SNS244-05.jpg 4714_motor-yacht-play-the-game-ibiza-3SNS244-06.jpg 4719_motor-yacht-play-the-game-ibiza-8SNS244-07.jpg
2014 | Sunseeker | 28 m
49.500 Euro
Price from (per week)

The top destination for the beau monde, Ibiza has retained its zesty reputation as well as its nature's allure. Bronze skinned elites engage in glitzy soirees, the greatest names in the music industry dominate the turntables of iconic clubs, while azure seas provide for unforgettable scenery. Luxury yachts moor in the crystal waters and the rich and famous attend upscale events.

After immersing in neon-illuminated evenings, just a 30-minute sail away in the white sand oasis of Formentera to enjoy long stretches of beaches and prepare for some pampering in the smallest Balearic island. Let the world pass you by as lazy-up on the warm sand as you sip on your Pina Colada and absorb the heavenly views.

Ibiza and Formentera are two wonderfully tied contrasts, a yachting opportunity to get enthralled with the whirlwind of wild music played by the industry's greatest names , then relax doing yoga and meditating, forget about the stressors of everyday life and enjoy the best holiday the world has to offer.


Come to the White island and drop your anchor here to discover why it stands to be one of the most famous clubbing spots. Northside of Port Ibiza you'll find Marina Ibiza, home to some of the most luxurious yachts. Marina Magna Ibiza is an equally popular choice among high-society visitors, as both marinas are surrounded by famous (or infamous) clubs, numerous bars, and restaurants, as well as upscale boutiques.

To enjoy an experience you're unlikely to find anywhere else, go to Sublimotion restaurant, where Chef Paco Roncero, a pioneer of molecular gastronomy, whose skills are confirmed by well-deserved Michelin status, preparing delicious meals while guests enjoy a dining spectacle enriched by virtual reality elements, laser light shows, and projection mapping. The drinks magically mix themselves and plates fall from the ceiling, desserts are placed inside of balloons, to ensure visitors have a truly unparalleled adventure in the world's most expensive restaurant.

Majestically rising 400 metres above the see you'll find the beguiling Es Vedra rock. Cruise to admire on of Ibiza's most famous landmark and enjoy the stunning view from the deck of your boat and gaze into the sunset colored seas - you won't be surprised that the place is supposedly the birthplace of the Greek Sirens myth, who's songs lured sailors to death causing them to shipwreck.

Hedonists will be overwhelmed with choice when deciding where to spend their evenings, but many forget how the stunning island first got its decadent reputation.

It all started in the 7th century BC when Phoenicians gave the island the name Iboshim to honor the god of dance and music Bes. Later on, the island that was ruled by Carthusians, Romans, and the Moorish will become a refugee for bohemians, artists, and hippies.

Flocked by rockstars after international playboy Tony Pikes started running a hotel here, the likes of Freddie Mercury, Eric Clapton, and George Harrison turned the little Balearic oasis into the capital of decadence.

In the mid-seventies, a young philosopher Antonio Eschotado founded the club "Workshop of Forgetfulness" - later to be renamed to what is still known as the iconic club "Amnesia". Forty years later, the A-listers come to the birthplace of "Balearic beat" to dance the night away while enjoying music played by the world's most influential DJs.

Privilege is a club whose hosts included Madonna and Mick Jagger and is home to the biggest dance floor on Earth, but can sometimes feel a little overcrowded. Space, Es Paradis Terrenal, and Pacha are other top picks to practice your moves in the fun-loving atmosphere of Ibiza.

After waking up with sore-muscles you acquired dancing, make sure to detox with raw, organic juices at Ibiza's it-morning-after-spot conveniently named Potions. The juices can be delivered right to your yacht to replenish you and give you enough strength for another night of fiestas.

Shop for your next evening outfit at the lovingly curated variety of bohemian garments in the chic concept store Galeria Elefante. Located in a 400 years old whitewashed farmhouse of Santa Gertrudis, the store offers pieces from all around the world and is a perfect spot to hunt your next vintage gem.

Aguas Blancas is a beach adored by locals, but you'll actually have to walk through a forest to reach it. The walk is well worth it, as you'll find an incredible, dramatic setting consisting of pearly seas and high cliffs, complemented by golden sand and is known for stunning waves, perfect for the surf lover.

Go to Benirras beach, a beehive of the zen crowd, to enjoy the hippie atmosphere and pristine waters. Each Sunday, an iconic ritual takes place on the beach where hippies and bohemians "drum the sunset away". The tradition was started in 1991 as a protest against the war in the first Golf in Iraq but has turned into a lovely drumming event held weekly ever since.

For a quintessentially upscale experience, head on to Calla Mastella. One of the smallest beaches of the island is a stunning little cove embraced by pine forests and rocky cliffs. Here you'll find a stunning seafood restaurant, El Bigotes, where even the King of Spain was once turned down for not booking a table in advance.

Now take your party shoes off, as we all know no footwear is allowed on board, and prepare to relax on Ibiza's sister island.


The antithesis of Ibiza's boisterous nightlife, Formentera will enchant you with seemingly endless beaches, a relaxed atmosphere, and natural beauty. The place where the wild come to seek peace, Formentera does have an odd nightclub here and there and offers just two marinas, one of which, Marina de Formentera.

The sandy beaches were adored by hippies back in the day - Joni Mitchel wrote her album Blue while resting on the island, while Bob Dylan even lived in the Cap de Barbaria lighthouse. Still to this day, the stunning oasis kept the chill vibe and bohemian lifestyle of its '60s heyday.

One might say that the lack of action is Formentera's greatest attraction. The days drift away in a hazy mist of sun-soaking and swimming, but the small island actually has a lot to offer.

Platja Illetes

As close to the Caribbean one can find in Europe, the most iconic beach of Formentera is usually the first sea oasis people discover after coming to cure their Ibiza-induced hangover.

Situated in the Ses Salines de Elvissa and Formentera Natural Park, this beach is over 450 meters of soft, white sand divided in two by a small rocky passway. A heavenly scenery and laid-back atmosphere are simply a masterclass in recognizing different shades of blue. Juan and Andrea is the most emblematic restaurant on the idyllic beach. What started as a humble chiringuito back in 1971 by a local fisherman who served his daily catch of fish is now a mecca for gourmet connoisseurs.

La Savina

The smallest pier of the Pitusian island is where the hustle and bustle of arriving and departing ferries and luxury yachts can be observed. From here, you can easily access all parts of the island - the above-mentioned Illetes beach and Playa Levante are both very close. Stroll around the harbor port and you'll discover many bars, cafes and vibrant shops.

Cala Saona

One of the island's most stunning beaches offers idyllic views of the three most important S's in life: sand, sea and sky. Situated between two rocky cliffs, Cala Saona is a paradise of tranquil, glittery waters - Ibiza can be seen from the distance while you catch a tan and sip mojitos.

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