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Corsica & Sardinia

Marvel over staggering geographical diversity on a 7-day Corsica / Sardinia Yacht Charter

From shimmering bays and pristine beaches to sawtooth mountain ridges and dense forests: the dream-team of Corsica/Sardinia showcases staggering geographical diversity. Add both destinations' perfect mix of quaint hilltop villages and buzzing coastal towns, and it's easy to see how both destinations offer something for everyone. Whether you're a daredevil who wouldn't think twice about jumping off a 25m cliff, a beach bum keen to collapse on a snow-white beach or foodie looking to sample local delicacies, you're bound to find your ideal corner of Mediterranean paradise on a Sardinia & Corsica yacht charter

Day One Embark in Calvi, Corsica

Your Corsica & Sardinia yacht charter commences from Calvi -famous for its 13th-century citadel and stunning 6-km beach - with a cruise through the Gulf of Girolata. Sit back and marvel at the Scandola Nature Reserve, the absolute crown jewel of Corsica. Sculpted by water and wind, the steep red-tinged cliffs and secluded coves are simply breathtaking. Cap off the drama with a tranquil evening anchored off Girolata, a village backed by verdant hilltops and only accessible on foot or by boat.

Day Two - Ajaccio

Not only is the Gulf of Sagone a beautiful spot to anchor and enjoy lunch with a view, it's also an underwater enthusiast's dream. Snorkelers can flap fins alongside barracudas and big grouper while scuba divers can explore caves, wrecks and soak up the seabed's bright colours. Corsica's capital, Ajaccio, with its pastel-toned historical centre, is your next destination. Here, you can saunter along the trendy promenade, meander around old-town lanes and visit the house where Napoléon was born.

Day Three

BonifacioThe first thing you'll see when you berth at the port is Bonifacio's awe-inspiring citadel, perched on the top of steep limestone cliffs. There is plenty to do in the ancient fortress town, whether it's sampling local wine on a terrace with your face tipped to the sun, clambering down King Aragon Stairway's 187 cliff-carved steps, exploring the coves near the marina by paddleboard or browsing chic boutiques for artisan-made baskets and frilled bikinis.

Day four- Archipelago of La Maddalena

Sardinia's Arcipelago della Maddalena consists of seven main islands and 55 tiny granite "isoletti" and impresses through its windswept seascapes - otherworldly stone formations formed by centuries of north-westerlies. Spend your afternoon exploring turquoise lagoons and deserted islands or reclining on the kind of beaches you see depicted on posters adorning city office walls. For lunch, you can stop by one of the islands' waterside trattorias and feast on spaghetti alle vongole and local Vermentino.

Day Five - Porto Cervo

Your next port of call is glamorous Porto Cervo, the glitzy capital of the Costa Smeralda. Here, you can browse the Piazzetta's sleek designer boutiques and concept stores, hike up to the striking hilltop Stella Maris church - its spare interior boasts El Greco's Mater Dolorosa- or relax and unwind in one of Porto Cervo's luxury spas. Evenings are reserved for drinking an Aperol-spritz and people-watching in the swanky marina before revelling in the town's exciting dining scene.

Day Six - Cala di Volpe

A visit to Cala Beach Club, part of the Hotel Cala di Volpe, is a must for those keen to see-and-be-seen. Roll up to the club's jetty by tender to sip on flutes of champagne and gorge on seafood linguine before snoozing in one of the most luxurious cabanas you've ever seen. Alternatively, you can head to the hillside village of San Pantaleo to visit little galleries and craft shops and enjoy an aperitivo on the village's photogenic piazza.

Day Seven - Porto Rotondo

You can spend the last day of your Corsica/ Sardinia yacht charter with your toes buried in powdery white sand, taking refreshing dips in azure seas at any of Porto Rotondo's dreamy beaches, or you can explore architectural sites such as the San Lorenzo church, a contemporary sanctuary and nothing like any other church you've ever seen. Cap off your charter with a supper of squid ink tonnarelli and chilled white wine in Porto Rotunda's elegant marina.

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